NOVA 70 – Powder Amalgam

NOVA 70 – Powder Amalgam 

Nova 70 Powder Amalgam is a dispersed phase alloy containing a high percentage of silver. The composition and the grading, a mixture of irregular particles of the conventional silver-tin-copper alloy and the spherical ones of eutectic silver copper obtained through atomization in an inert gas atmosphere, give this alloy superior qualities.

• High Silver content
• Strong,lustrous and long-lasting restorations
• Possible to use hand-trituration
• Can be used with all kinds of amalgamators
• Nova 70 has excellent marginal adaptation which means that it can be freely and smoothly carved to occlusion
• It has several advantages because of its unifrom chemistry and particle distiribution
• No problems of clogging ,agglomerat,on or chemistry in balance
• Enough working time
• Highly resistant to corrosion
• No need to polish

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Technical Details
Working Time  3.30 + 0.30 minutes
Setting Time  8.00 + 1.00 minutes
Static Creep 10 %
1 hour Compressive strenght 11,600-29,000 psi(80-200 MPa)
24 hour Compressive strenght 43,550-72,550 psi(300-500 MPa)
Dimensional behavior -0,1+0+0,2%
Ratio 1/1









Packaging Detail
•Jars of 31 g and 250 g


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