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    ENDOPEX – Calcium Hydroxide With Iodoform

    R550.00 Incl. Vat


    ENDOPEX is recommended for the following applications: Temporary root canal treatment.

    • Temporary root canal treatment
    • Vital pulpotomy in deciduous teeth
    • Apexification and Apexogenesis
    • Stimulation of apexification and hard tissue formation
    • Traumatic injuries
    • Root resorption treatment including primary teeth Advantages
    • Excellent antibacterial effect and radiopacity
    • Premixed paste
    • Syringe type for easy delivery of the paste into the canal
    • Disposable tips for prevention of cross- contamination
    • Easy to clean and remove
    • Availability to the root canal and protect cross combination Contents
    • 2.2g paste in a syringe
    • 20 disposable tips
    • One ring rotator for direction control of the tip

    * Temprorary or permanent root canal treatment
    * Baby teeth whose pulp tissue is alive
    * Apexification and apexogenesis
    * Traumatic injuries
    * Root resorption treatment icluding advantages of baby teeth

  • ENDOPLUS – Resin Based Root Canal Sealer

    R699.00 Incl. Vat


    Material is a two component paste-paste dual syringe root canal sealer based on epoxy resin. It is the endodontic product for every dental practice and can be used for all established and more recent root canal sealing techniques.

    Long term sealing properties
    Outstanding dimensional stability
    Excellent Biocompatibility
    Self-adhesive properties
    Good radiopacity

    +Dual-syringe design provides for accurate dispensing
    +Is homogeneous ,free of air bubbles and easy to mix ( paste / paste )
    +Provides a hermetic seal
    +Penetrates superbly into the smallest lateral canals
    +Does not stain teeth
    +Has low solubility in soft tissue
    +Has good apical tolerance
    +Is radio-opaque.