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  • ETCHING GEL – Composite Filling Material

    R130.00 Incl. Vat


    Ething Gel is a surface preparation agent which is a 37% H3PO4 semi-gel, and is most effective at quickly etching enamel and dentin. President Dental ETCHING GEL creates micropores in the enamel surface and removes the smear layer to unblock dentinal tubules.It promotes adhesive resin penetration and resin tag formation. ETCHING GEL is vital for the restoration’s mechanical retention.

    Etching Gel is made up of %37 phosphoric acid gel
    * Syringe offers ease of application for dispensing
    * Thixotropic acid etching agent
    * Blue color resulting visibility
    * Good viscosity
  • PREBOND – Universal Bonding

    R350.00 Incl. Vat
    PREBOND-5th Generation Adhesive System is Light Curing hydrophilic universal bond.
    Forms a very good bond between dentin and the composite and thereby reduces the formation of marginal gaps. PREBOND is an adhesive with outstanding adhesion to dentin and etched enamel. It improves adhesion between the composite and tooth surface.

    PREBOND  is one component dental universal adhesive for bonding dentin/enamel using adhesive restoration technique.It has an excellent adhesion value with a very high hydrophilic stability.The fluid is an easy flowing with excellent deep absorption into the retention thus enabling very high bond strength while minimizing marginal gaps. PREBOND Light cure universal bond 5ml.

    * It is compatible with all the composite type restorations
    * For bonding the metal or amalgam restorations
    * the treatment of the out surfaced root
    * Composites and compemers

    Packaging Detail
    PRD.100.02.02 1×5 ml bottle

  • PREBOND SE – Universal Bond Self Etch

    R399.00 Incl. Vat


    PREBOND SE – Light Cure One Component Bonding Agent-7th Generation

    PREBOND SE is a self etching. Light curing one component adhesive for the adhesive restoration technique used on direct and indirect restorations. PREBOND SE is formulated to contain functional MDP monomers, methacrylate, photoinitiators, ethanol and water.

    Can be used on the following cases: Fixing of composite-material and compomer at enamel and dentin Adhesive fixing of restorations of ceramic or composite at enamel and dentin. Fixing and repairing of light cure composites at hybrid ceramic, composite, metal or amalgam Usable as dentin-sealer PREBOND SE Light cure universal bond self-etch 5ml.
    PREBOND SE light cure universal bond self-etch 5ml
    Packaging Detail
    PRD.100.02.002 1×5 ml bottle