FORMALLOY H – Cobalt Chrome Casting Alloy


Cobalt Chrome Casting Alloy

Cobalt based alloys (non-precious) are used in the dental industry for making dental prosthesis. They are economical
alternative to Gold & Silver based alloys (precious) bur perform well due to their mechanical properties and bio-compatibility.
President Dental manufactures a range of Non Precious Dental alloys using the continuous cast method. We have all the

relevant certificates such as 93/42/EEC&ISO 13485:2003 in order to manufacture dental base metal casting alloys.


– High corrosion resistant
– Bio-compatibility
– Easy processing and shaping due to it is excellent elasticity
– Superior mechanical characteristics with regard to precious metal alloy
– Melting in any kind of induction and centrifuge machine
– Easy fluidity control and hygiene
– Low thermal conductivity
– High purity, due to production is made in continuous casting process
– Permanent metallurgical quality control with modern controlling processes
– Pure alloys

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Technical Data

Proof Stress (RP0.2)  600 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength  770-780 MPa
Tensile Elongation  >3%
Elastic Modulus  200-230 GPa
Vicker Hardness  (Hv30) 330-380
Density  8.3 – 8.4/cm3
Thermal Expansion Coefficient  13.4gm/m.°C  (25 500°C)
Melting Range  1400-1430°C
Solidification Range(cooling)  1285-1350°C












Cr  29%
Mo  5,9%
C  Max. 0,50%
Co  Balance
Fi  Max. 0,7%
Si  Max. 1%
Other Max. 0,5%






Packaging Detail

• 1×1000 gr
Product Code: PRD.01.10035


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